Permanent Make-Up


Everyone's talking about it.  But what exactly is it??

I will be continuing to grow this part of my website to include and share helpful information so that everyone can make an educated decision.  I am always happy to answer questions, but I strongly recommend that everyone takes the time to do their own research.  Everyone's experience will be different. 

How long it will or won't last, how/if it changes color over time, and many other questions can be affected by a variety of factors... skin type, sun exposure, age, skin care products, lifestyle choices, and more.  For some it will last less than a year, for others it may never completely fade away.  This is why I feel strongly about keeping a very reserved approach to achieve the most natural-looking results.


Consultation  $50

Not quite ready to book just yet?  Have lots of questions?  Would you like to first have an idea of what to expect, what shape is best, and what the best approach is for you???  Get all your questions answered and preview what it would look like....

You'll arrive with your brows filled in (if that's something you do).  We will discuss expectations and determine what your best options are while I clean up and shape your existing brows (with or without wax).  I'll then draw out the suggested new shape, determine the best color to help you fully envision what we'll do at the actual appointment, and make adjustments.  Consultation fee will be applied to your appointment.

FOR BROWS . . . 

$50 non-refundable deposit to book & hold your spot   /   note: rates will increase over the next year   


Microblading... is a cosmetic procedure using a sterile blade and specially formulated pigment scratched into the skin to simulate hair-like strokes (not ideal for all skin types). $500

Powder Brow / Ombre Brow / Microshading...   is a cosmetic procedure suitable for most skin types, using an electric tattooing machine to create a soft pixelated gradient look as if your brows have been filled in with powder. $500

Combo Brow / Blade n' Shade...  is a combination of the above techniques. $500

Perfection Session / 1st Touch-up (within 3 months of initial procedure), $100  

Touching Up Another Artist's Work  photos must be submitted before booking, starting at $299+

FOR LIPS . . .

$50 non-refundable deposit to book & hold your spot  /  note: rates will increase over the next year   


Lip Blush...  is a cosmetic procedure using an electric tattooing machine to implement a soft wash of color, enhancing the lip color like a lip stain.  Can help to define the vermillion border, enhance the cupid's bow, correct discoloration, create balance, and give a fuller more youthful appearance.  Available in many gorgeous flattering shades with results lasting up to 3 years or longer.  $399