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Brows & Unwanted Facial Hair


--For information on microblading / permanent make-up for brows, CLICK HERE .--











Every person, any gender, all ages.

The shape of your brows completely affects your appearance and the overall symmetry of your face. 

Everyone receives a custom experience to help achieve their best balance.  

Experiencing sparse/thinning brows?  I can help!  CLICK HERE to learn more about your options. 



Brow Arch $30

Smaller Zones $15/ea


Brow Arch + Lip (or other zone) $40

Brows + All the Things (2 or more zones) $50

Dermaplaning Facial rids the skin of the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) while encouraging skin cell renewal, leaving the skin looking younger, smoother, and brighter.  You will notice an immediate difference in how your makeup looks and feels.  $75

Brows + Dermaplaning Facial $100

Brows + All the Things + Dermaplaning Facial $145

+ TINT...

Brow Tint: $30

Brow Tint + Arch: $55

Brow Tint + Arch + Lip: $65

Brow Tint + Arch + All the Things! $75

All the Above + Dermaplaning Facial $170



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