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--For information on microblading / permanent make-up for brows, CLICK HERE .--











Every person, any gender, all ages.

The shape of your brows completely affects your appearance and the overall symmetry of your face. 

Everyone receives a custom experience to help achieve their best balance.  

Experiencing sparse/thinning brows?  I can help!  CLICK HERE to learn more about your options. 

Brow Arch (trim, tweeze, & fill, with or w/o wax): $30

Lip/Chin/Sideburns/Cheeks/Forehead/Unibrow: $15/ea.

Brow Arch + Lip: $40

All the Things!: $50


Brow Tint: $30

Brow Tint + Arch: $55

Brow Tint + Arch + Lip: $65

Brow Tint + All the Things! (full face): $75



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