For information on Microblading/Permanent Makeup, CLICK HERE.

Q:  Where is your studio located?  Do you travel?

A:  I have a private studio suite in West Bloomfield (Orchard/Maple) where I perform all services.  I also travel on location (for make-up services only) typically within the metro-Detroit area and Ann Arbor, as well as out of state, & special destinations.


Q:  How do I book your services?

A:  First step... please fill out the contact form.  I will respond within 24 hours via the email address you provide with availability.  If you are inquiring about an event, I will include deposit/payment information to secure your date, as well as the option to schedule a time to chat (about 15 minutes).  

Q:  How far in advance of my event should I book a make-up artist?

A:  If you know your date, I strongly suggest to lock in your artist as soon as you are able.  I will book up to a year ahead.  (tip:  Spring & Fall months are quickest to fill up!)  

Q:  Is there a minimum to book?

A:  When booking a weekend date more than two months in advance there is a minimum to travel out of the studio.  (Some exceptions apply, please be in touch.)

Q:  How long is a make-up appointment?

A:  Ladies Application is about 45+ minutes.

Q:  What can I expect during my make-up appointment?

A:  We start with consultation, customized skin prep, color matching, pulling different products, dispensing each one onto a sanitary palette, custom-blending everything, the application itself, fitting & applying lashes, tweaking, setting, gathering up your personal touch-up goodies, and off you go...!

Q:  Will it last...??

A:  Absolutely!  Part of what I do involves certain little mixology tricks and products to ensure exactly that.  I often do large bridal parties hours before anyone walks down the aisle with a full night ahead of them and they look great all night long.  And don't forget... everyone receives their own personal touch-up goodies!

Q:  What if I have a LOT of people?  Can you accommodate a large group?

A:  Yes.  For larger groups &/or a restricted timeline, I can arrange for additional artists as needed.

Q:  Hairstylist-- Do you have any recommendations?

A:  Yes!  I know several incredible stylists I love working with!  Happy to make a recommendation.


Q:  Q:  Is gratuity included in your pricing?

A:  Gratuity is never expected, but is always appreciated, thank you.

Q:  What products/brands do you use? 

A:  I use wide array of products from pro-line brands like Kryolan, Dermablend, Viseart, Ben Nye, RCMA, Cinema Secrets, Joe Blasco, & Visiora as well as high-end consumer/artist brands like Nars, Senna, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Anastacia Beverly Hills, Inglot, Urban Decay, Stila and many many more...!

Q:  Can you tell me a little about your sanitation practices?

A:  Of course! 

- I wear a mask.  I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

- All brushes & tools have been cleaned and disinfected prior to touching each client.  I use a professional grade disinfectant brush cleaner which contains citrus-based spirits (my brushes sort of smell like oranges!), and I hand-wash them with a specially formulated brush soap containing the natural anti-bacterial ingredients of honey and tea tree oil.
- Dry powders are scraped/wiped down and sprayed with alcohol between appointments.
- Creamy/wet products (foundation, concealer, cream/gel liner, lipstick/gloss, etc.) are dispensed from their containers on a clean palette.  Disposable applicators are used for mascara and other products and are never "double dipped".