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Tattoo Removal


--For information on cosmetic tattooing / permanent make-up, CLICK HERE .--


Photos must submitted before appointment can be booked.  Photos can be sent via email to along with your contact info, OR, please fill out the contact form with a phone number where you can send/receive texts/photos.  Clients typically receive a response within 24 hours. 


I offer SALINE REMOVAL techniques, which breaks up the pigment, brings it to the surface, and out of the body.  Unlike laser which can take several sessions and only targets certain pigments that are then pushed into the skin to be absorbed into the body, saline removal will lift an entire 4x4 section in 3 sessions (sometimes less!).  Numbing agents are always used for permanent make-up removal, and can also be used for body tattoo removal.  

Body Tattoo Removal:  starting at $99+/session

Permanent Makeup Removal:  starting at $150+/session

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